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Question: Can I also pick up my ordered products without shipping costs?


We used to have our own physical store and a pick-up point in Harelbeke. This is no longer the case.
All orders are delivered to your home or can be collected from a DPD parcelshop.
All shipments within the Benelux are free!
Parcel shops in your area can be found via the link below.

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Question: Place an order? How do I do that?


  1. You will find a search function at the top right. You can enter your search here. This can be a printer type, the toner number, ... Now press search and you will get a list of search results.
  2. In the list of search results you will see the following (from left to right).
    • The type (original, compatible, recycled by Inktpoint).
    • An image of the product.
    • The name of the product with a short description below. (if you want more information, click on the product name)
    • The price of the product with and without VAT.
    • A box "add".
  3. In the add box you can enter the number of that product you wish to order.
  4. Once you have made your choice, you can click on the button selected to shopping cart at the top and bottom. The items you have chosen will now be placed in the shopping cart. You can change this at any time.
  5. You can now continue shopping quietly your products remain in the shopping cart even if you accidentally leaves the website, they are kept for you for a while.
  6. You have everything you need? Then click on the title bar of the shopping cart to order effectively. (you will find the shopping cart at the top right) You can also remove, add or adjust the quantities here
  7. You will now be asked to login. If you don't have an account yet, you can create one now. We only ask for general information to process the order. More information about why to register can be found here
  8. You will now go through the ordering procedure step by step. You can select your delivery type, payment method, delivery address, ... You always have the option to correct mistakes. Finally, you will be asked to check all data again. If everything is in order, click on the confirm box.
  9. You will now see a screen that your order has been received. You will automatically receive an email with the details of the order you have placed.

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Question: Can I still cancel my order?

Answer: If you are a private customer, you have the right to cancel your purchase 14 calendar days after delivery of your order. In that case, proceed as follows.

  • Send an email to within 14 calendar days . You do not need to provide a reason. (Although we are grateful for that. Your reason can be an important tip to improve our services.)
  • When we receive your order complete and undamaged (toners and cartridges in unopened packaging) we will refund the amount you paid us in full.

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Question: I do not need the ordered goods afterwards ?

Answer: In certain cases we can take back the products. You can find more info here .

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Question: How can I pay?

Answer: If you have your order shipped, we ask for advance payment. This can be done in the following ways;

  1. During the checkout, choose "Pay through your own banking institution". When your order has been placed, you can transfer the amount due via your own bank (netbanking, ...) to BE41 0634 1572 0110 stating your order number. Your order will be processed after we have received your payment. To speed up the processing of the order, you can also send proof of payment to
  2. During the checkout select "paypal". After confirming your order you will be redirected to the Paypal site where you can make the payment. Even without a Paypal account you can pay with your visa on the Paypal site . You arrive on the Paypal site, the option "pay with my Paypal account" is selected. Just below you will find "I do not have a Paypal account" when you click on this you can simply pay with your visa card without opening an account. All your payment details are processed by Paypal, Inkpoint will not see them. More information about paypal can be found here
  3. When you pick up your product yourself, you can also pay when you pick it up.
    ATTENTION: orders that are not prepaid will remain in the collection point for 30 days. After that the order will be canceled.

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What about those compatibles now?

Question: What are compatibles anyway?

Answer: Compatibles are recycled or counterfeit cartridge / toners. By recycling used cartridges, you save the environment and your bills. More info about compatible can be found here .

Question: And the warranty on my printer? Doesn't it expire when using compatibles?

Answer: It used to be true. Due to a judgment of a European court, the producers have had to delete this provision. Only if the damage was demonstrably caused by the use of bad cartridges, your warranty will lapse.

Question: Are those compatibles equally good?

Answer: One brand is of course not the other. Some dirt cheap brands do indeed deliver less performance. Inktpoint does not necessarily sell the cheapest compatibles, but it does sell very good quality compatibles for a competitive price. All toners and cartridges come with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty. (this does not apply to the offers)
You will only notice the difference in the price.

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Question: The products I ordered are not working. What now?

Answer: In that case, please contact us via . Please provide the printer type and a clear description of the problem.

  • The toners that Inktpoint produces under its own management have a lifetime warranty . All other toners and cartridges (other brands) come with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.
  • When your product needs to be replaced, we will send it as soon as possible. At that time, the product will be billed to you. (no prepayment is required).
  • We ask that you send us the defective product as soon as possible. If possible with a printout because it often shows what the problem is.
  • As soon as we have received the defective product, we will send you a credit note (so that the invoice is canceled) and we will deposit 5€ for the shipping cost you had to incur.

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Question: When will I receive my order?

Answer: All products have a delivery time indication. The exact delivery time depends on the shipping method you have chosen.

  • green: immediately available. This product is in stock. If you order before 6 pm, your order will be shipped the same day
  • orange: 1 to 2 working days: This product is not in stock. It normally takes 1 to 2 business days before we can ship the product.
  • You will always receive an email from us stating when your order was shipped and with a tracking number from the carrier so that you can check where your package is located.
  • You choose DPD: your order will be delivered within 2 working days by DPD (you will receive an email from us when your order has been shipped.)
  • You choose Kiala: This can take 3 to Last 4 days. As soon as your order is at the collection point of your choice, you will receive an email from Kiala.

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Question: How can I receive my order?

Answer: There are 3 options. You will find a detailed explanation here

  1. Kiala : You decide where and when you will pick up your order. Free shipping within Belgium.
  2. DPD: Your order will be delivered to the address you have chosen. This does not necessarily have to be your own address. Free shipping within Belgium.
  3. Pick up: You can pick up your order at our collection point in Harelbeke or at one of the colleges with which we work. You do not pay any transport costs.

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