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Ink pad full
Reset Canon PG540 / CL541 Cartridges

Compatible cartridges can sometimes give wrong messages. In most cases, the message occurs only sporadically or only on certain printer types. In the packaging of EMSTAR ink cartridges there is a note with more explanation for those known problems. If you have any problems, check if there is such a note. If you have another problem or you can't get the problem solved, please feel free to contact us.

The absorber pad of my Canon printer is full.

Inktpoint is regularly presented with the problem that the absorption pad of a Canon printer is full.
This problem occurs with many printer brands, but also often with Canon printers. Fortunately, it is easy to solve with Canon printers.

How does the Absorption Cushion fill?

If you indicate that the print head needs to be cleaned, only ink will be flushed through the print head. And when you turn on the printer, the print head is often cleaned a bit first. The printer does not do this with water or an ink solvent. No, the printer does this by drawing ink through the print head. This ink is then superfluous and can no longer be used. Of course, this ink has to go somewhere. The absorption pad is a kind of waste container for this ink.

This absorption cushion comes with a sensor that senses whether the cushion is damp. If the sensor finds that the cushion is damp or too damp, the printer will indicate that the absorption cushion is (almost) full. But sometimes a sensor can also be wrong. Because it only measures at a certain point. If at that point the absorbent pad (sponge) is more moist than elsewhere, then replacement is really not necessary. And then you can fix it with this guide.

Reset method for the Absorption cushion

If the absorption pad is not yet full, the system can be reset so that the error message disappears.
You can read below how you can do this:

  1. Make sure the printer is completely turned off
  2. Keep the “Resume” button puched (yellow triangle in a circle).
  3. Simultaneously press the “On” button until a green light comes on
  4. Keep the “On” button puched and release the “Resume” button.
  5. Then press this button twice. The light should turn orange and then green again.
  6. Release the “On” button.
  7. Puch the “Resume” button 4x and then press the “On” button 1X.
  8. Turn the printer off and then on again.

Service tool.

A Service Tool is also available on the Internet for Canon printers. You can find it here
With this service tool, the sensor for the absorption pad can be reset to zero.
When using the service tool, it is necessary that the printer is in the Service position.

How do I put the printer in service mode

Here's how to do this (use the service tool at your own risk):
1. Turn off the printer
2. Press and hold the Resume/Cancel button, then press and hold the power button
3. Release the resume/cancel button while still holding the power button.
4. Now press the resume button five times
5. Release the power button


Use of the service tool is entirely at your own risk. We cannot be held liable for this. This tool has not been tested by us.


Reset Canon PG540 / CL541 Cartridges


When a refilled PG540 is placed back in the printer, you will receive the message "cartridge empty" and the printer won't do anything.

To get rid of this message, do the following:

  • Keep this message on your computer screen
  • Go to your printer and press the "Stop/Reset" button. This can take anywhere from 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Watch the screen. When the message on the screen disappears, the printer has been reset and you can print normally.
  • If you have also filled the color cartridge, you will also receive the same message for that cartridge. You can repeat the above operation.
  • You should now be able to print normally.

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